Dangerous: If you have only one of these 6 conditions you should stop eating garlic immediately!

Numerous studies have shown that allicin – the active compound in the garlic has same mechanisms as well as the ACE inhibitor in lowering the high blood pressure. Garlic is capable of avoiding the formation of angiotensin II, a hormone, and also helps to relax the blood vessels. The garlic is very beneficial for lowering the high cholesterol levels (LDL).

The above mentioned health benefits of the garlic make it one of the best vegetables. It is used in many dishes because of its taste. It is very delicious, nutritious and also very healthy food, and it makes a perfect combination. Garlic is great for lowering the blood pressure and the cholesterol, and it is also the best natural remedy for the immune system. It is also very beneficial in treatment of infections and the ear infections. But, for the following groups of people it’s not advisable to consume garlic because it can lead to very serious problems and complications:
1. Garlic has a natural anticoagulant properties, it is the perfect medicine for the treatment of the circulation problems, preventing blood clots that can lead even to heart stroke, thrombosis and stroke. But still, some medical experts say that you should not take anticoagulant medication because it can lead to more excessive bleeding.
2. Those people who suffer from any condition requiring prescription medications should not eat garlic without consulting the physician.
3. Patients with liver problems should avoid garlic because garlic can reduce the breakdown in the liver of some drugs or in some cases it can also reduce the effectiveness of drugs taken for liver issues. Almost all drugs can have some harmful interactions with garlic in any form.
4. In case you have a sensitive stomach, you should know that garlic can be difficult for your digestive system. It can cause gastrointestinal contra- indications in the stomach when is taken with drugs.
5. For all pregnant women the “moderate” amounts of raw garlic are safe during the pregnancy or the breast-feeding period, but consuming garlic as a medicine in this period is not recommended.
6.Those people who have blood pressure within the normal range or very close to the lower limit should avoid garlic. By its consumption the pressure can be further lowered and can cause other health complications.

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