8 warning signs that your heart does not work properly

Many people die annually as a consequence of heart problems. Both men and women are at risk for various reasons related to a particular lifestyle. However, there are many signs and warnings that will help you discover in time if something is wrong with your heart. These 8 signs are one of the most common and if you notice them it is important to pay attention to them.

1. Pain in the arm
Many men experience pain in their left hand, while in women, pain occurs in both hands. Many women reported experiencing unusual pain in the elbow before having a heart attack. This happens because the pain from the heart travels to the spine where many nerves of the body are connected. Then the brain is “upset” and thinks that the pain is in the hand even when it is not true.

2. Continuous coughing
Coughing may be caused by many things, but it may also be a sign of cardiovascular disease. Permanent coughing accompanied by blood-containing fluid is very common in people with heart problems. Coughing may be a symptom of something more serious, that is, dyspnea and loss of air.

3. Swollen feet, joints and feet
When the heart does not pump the blood properly, the fluid from your blood vessels flows into the adjacent tissues. This is most common in the legs and feet due to gravity. This disorder is called peripheral edema and may also occur in many people who have no heart problems. However, since it is a common symptom of heart disease, do not ignore it.

4. Loss of appetite and nausea
Many people who have heart problems are losing their appetite and are even sick of only a few foods. The reason is the collection of fluid around the liver and intestines that hinder digestion. These symptoms are often accompanied by abdominal pain. If you feel all at once, immediately visit your doctor.

5. Extreme and unusual anxiety
Several studies have shown that people who suffer from extreme anxiety earlier in life are more prone to heart disease. Anxiety can be caused by a stressful lifestyle or various disorders, such as panic or phobias. Some of the effects of anxiety on the heart are tachycardia, increased blood pressure and rapid heartbeat.

6. Loss of consciousness
Dizziness and loss of consciousness are very common in people with heart problems. When the heart pumps the blood properly, blood flow is blocked. If you have dizziness or often lose consciousness, immediately visit your doctor.

7. Pale or blue tint on the skin
This symptom appears less often and is caused by reduced blood flow, a reduced number of red blood cells, and may be a sign that the heart does not pump the blood properly. Often the cause of this symptom is shock, and pallor may appear on the whole body or only in one part. However, do not panic immediately if you notice that you are fainter than usual. Check if you suffer from shock or perhaps anemia.

8. Rashes and unusual stains on the skin
Two separate studies have shown that eczema and herpes zoster are risk factors in heart disease. Those who had eczema had a 48% greater chance of suffering from high blood pressure and 29% more chance of having high cholesterol. Those who had a herpes zoster had 59% more chances of having a heart attack compared to people without this disease.

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