Optimize the cholesterol in 9 steps without statins!

There’s mounting evidence that links the statin drugs to a series of health issues including diabetes, muscle pain and even cancer, but also, one in four Americans over the age of 45 are using them as a conventional therapy against the high cholesterol levels.

Why the statin drugs can be bad for you?
The statins deplete the body of CoQ10, leading to devastating results. Those people who take statin drugs without an adequate CoQ10 supplement are at very serious health risk. And this unfortunately is what the most of people on statins do.

CoQ10 is a cofactor (or co-enzyme) and it’s vital for the creation of ATP molecules essential for the cellular energy production. The organs such as the heart, have much higher energy requirements, and that means it depends on more CoQ10 to function properly. And because this co-enzyme is secreted into the liver, it also takes part in keeping the blood glucose under control.

Statins are not necessary for reducing the blood cholesterol levels and exposing the health at serious risks. 75% of the cholesterol is actually produced by the liver influenced by the insulin levels. By optimizing the insulin level, you can automatically optimize and the cholesterol.

Simple dietary and also lifestyle changes can make a huge difference for safely regulating the cholesterol.

9 of the ways to lower the cholesterol levels naturally
You should get enough vitamin D. Vitamin D has been found to be very beneficial for normalizing the cholesterol levels and preventing the heart disease.
You should cut down or, ideally, cut out, sugars and grains from the diet. Include more fresh leafy greens and also vegetables.
You should get enough high quality fish oil.
Fortify the diet with more heart-healthy foods such as coconut and coconut oil, olive oil, organic eggs, raw nuts, avocados and seeds, and also organic grass-fed meats.
You should do regular daily exercise. Even only a 20-minute power-walk will make a big difference.
You should reduce the exposure to stress. You can use stress-relieving techniques such as yoga or meditation.
You should cut down the excessive smoking and drinking alcohol.
You should get enough quality sleep.
You should take red yeast rice as directed (Thorne Choleast 2-4 caps every day).

This techniques can provide a holistic approach to reducing the high blood cholesterol levels with long-term effects unlike the statin drugs, which can lower the cholesterol at the expense of the health.

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