Signs that show that water is retained in your body and how to deal with it

Although you may be more likely to hear about the problem of dehydration and lack of water in the body, the opposite situation can still be a problem.

Sometimes it happens that the body over-preserves water in it, and it can be harmful to both health and beauty.

Of course, as with all other problems, the body sends out signals, so there are several signs that you can recognize that there is excess water in the body.

In the following, look at how to recognize and how to deal with it:

Swollen legs and ankles
Long sitting in the same position, or a workplace that requires a long standing on the legs, insufficient physical activity. This causes swollen and ankles, and you may experience pain and a feeling of “difficulty” in your legs.

Symptoms worsen if you need to wear high heels.

To reduce the swelling, lie on the ground with legs upright and repeat it several times a day. Take a break and go for a short walk from time to time and wear comfortable shoes.

Water retention in the stomach area
For many reasons, the reason for this may be the consumption of pills to control pregnancy that contain hormones, if you are waiting for a menstrual cycle, or if you are using hormone therapy.

If the cause is the menstrual cycle, it should pass by itself in a few days. But if it’s related to medications, you should consult your doctor about the problems.

Swollen feet and abdomen
Do you often stay out of air and feel weak and powerless? Accelerated pulse and loss of air may be the cause of water retention in the body, especially in the abdomen.

If these symptoms occur without a specific reason that you can remember, be sure to visit your doctor, and in the meantime take care of the diet and reduce the salt intake.

These symptoms combined with swollen feet and stomach, may be a sign of heart problems.

Swollen face (especially in the part of the eyes)
If your evening meals consisted of salty snacks, fast food, or something preserved, it might be the cause of the swollen face the next morning.

This condition will pass on its own after a while, but in order to speed up the process, try to eat healthier and avoid a lot of salty and heavy foods, especially at night.

General rules for dealing with excess water in the body:
Maintain a healthy diet and reduce the amount of salt
Include nuts, banana, avocados, citrus fruits and green vegetables in the diet
Keep your feet raised higher after a busy day
Consult your doctor about any unusual changes

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