Health problems that are hidden behind the changes in the color of the face

Our body is a mirror of our health. The skin, as the largest organ, often sends us messages about what health problems hide in our body. The facial skin, or its color, can reveal much about your health. In the following, look at what kind of health problems refer to a certain color.

1. Red
Usually, this color is just a reaction to stress, anger, anxiety, and some other extreme emotional state, or a particular food and / or drink that we have introduced into the body. However, chronic redness is a sign of a hidden health problem. Redness of the area of ​​the cheeks and nose indicates high blood pressure or autoimmune disease caused by the increased level of cholesterol in the blood.

2. Orange
Problems with the pancreas and spleen.

3. Yellow
A yellowish face is a quiet warning that your liver and yolk do not work properly.

4. Green
A large amount of drugs, problems with digestion and the work of blood vessels. It can also be a sign of anemia, that is, iron deficiency in the blood. This health condition was once called chlorosis, because because of it the skin received a specific greenish color on the basis of which the anemia was diagnosed.

5. Blue
In certain places, blue skin may be a sign of cyanosis, a health condition that comes from the increased hemoglobin concentration in the body, and reduced oxygen. Methemoglobinemia is a hereditary or acquired disease causing methaemoglobin, a hemoglobin that does not bind to oxygen and also causes a blue skin color.

6. White or pale
Pale face and cheeks are a sign of weakened glands and inactive liver. Apart from anemia, it points to a weakened immune system. Pale spots on the face may be a sign of kidney problems.

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