With this cleansing of the organism you’ll get rid of the pains in the back, neck and wrists!

It is clear that all the toxics make dump in our body and therefore is very important to implement cleansing of the body from the toxics. There are various methods of detoxification as and tested methods for cleansing the body. But there is also a body detoxification with rice.

Take plain rice, so many spoons, as how old you are (if you have 35 years, means 35 tablespoons). Rinse it good and pour into a glass jar. Fill the jar with warm boiled water, close with lid and leave in the fridge.In the morning squeeze all the water. Take 1 tablespoon full of rice and cook it for 3-4 minutes without salt (in another, ordinary
tap water). You should eat it on an empty stomach, preferably up to seven thirty in the morning. In the remaining rice pour again boiled cooled water and leave in the refrigerator until the next morning.Repeat this procedure for cleansing the body every day while there’s rice in a jar.

The secret of the method is hidden in the grain of the rice, which has a crystalline structure. When the grain of the rice is watered, the starch is leached of them and appear cells. The rice is not digested in the stomach, but in the intestine , its grains act as absorber. With this method you’ll purify the blood vessels, intestines, joints and also the other parts of the body of toxins, heavy metals and other harmful substances. The cleaning the body with rice helps in normalizing the metabolism and regulating the excess body weight. After the treatment you will feel healthier, but also and younger.

But, there is one condition: in the morning after taking the rice is advisable not to eat or even drink for at least 3 hours.

After such a cleansing of the body disappear the pain in wrists, back and neck. The treatment effect is not immediate but gradual. After two weeks starts the real cleansing. And you will notice it. The toxins will erupt through the urine. The color of urine will change, it will become blurry. And you’ll feel better and also healthier.

After a while of taking rice, the self-cleaning of the body will be activated, and it will continue only after the treatment within a few months. Upon expiration, you will experience great results. Do not forget to enter fluid in the body – a minimum of 2 l per day. Best – water and green tea.

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