Death in one bottle: This product is used by many people every day but they are not even aware that it’s slowly killing them!

The hand sanitizers are one of the most used cosmetic products. Most of people when need a dry hand washing they reach out for this universal product and they think that they’re doing the right thing to protect themselves from the bacteria and dirt. If you’re one of those who uses this product frequently, then this article will be a real eye opener and it will make you think twice next time when you reach out for the hand sanitizer.

They’re a very quick and easy way to kill the germs when you don’t have access to soap or water and they’re virtually everywhere around, in the supermarkets, stores and in almost every woman’s bag. But, it’s recently been brought to our attention that these products may be doing more harm than good.

Why are hand sanitizers detrimental?

In the process of killing the bad germs and the bacteria, the hand sanitizers kill off the good ones as well.

Hand sanitizer is great for killing all those nasty germs and bacteria, like the the flu, common cold and even salmonella. But, while it can get rid of all those bad germs, it can actually get rid and of the good bacteria that the body needs. The body needs certain bacteria and these do a lot of good to the organism, They’re vital for keeping the immune system balanced and they fight against the bad bacteria when it reaches your body. If the good bacteria gets killed in the process the immune system gets weakened and then it doesn’t have the strength to fight the inflammations, infections and other conditions. You’ll get sick eventually and you’ll be sicker than you’d be if you hadn’t used the hand sanitizer.

They could also increase the amount of Bisphenol A (BPA). This chemical can undermine the endocrine system – system that produces hormones and controls the body functions and also helps to maintain the tissues and organs. According to some recent studies high levels of the BPA into the body can cause a number of health problems such heart disease, diabetes, cancer and even infertility, among other things.

The hand sanitizers can kill the good bacteria on your hands and also weaken the immune system as well as wreak havoc on the endocrine system, disrupting the hormonal balance and leading to a number of other health issues.

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