From fungal infections suffer most women, but they can be treated at home

Against itching and burning, which are the result of a fungal infection, effective is a tea made from rosemary. It can also be used as a tool for daily intimate hygiene. If you suffer from the yeast infection, then you should take one to four cups of this tea a day.

Also, in the fight against the fungal infections, you should drink unsweetened blueberry juice several times a day. You can drink pills with cranberry extract or also can eat dried blueberries, and the results will be visible very soon.

The tea tree oil has strong anti-fungal properties. Soak one tampon in a few drops of tea tree oil and put it into the vagina. Leave it for two to three hours to act. You should repeat the whole process twice a day.

A similar effect has and oregano oil, which can be applied surface or diluted in olive oil. It also can be consumed orally in the form of two capsules a day. With this treatment the problem with the yeast infection can be solved in a few weeks.

You should eat garlic if you suffer from yeast infection. One option is to make a paste of chopped garlic and you only have to apply it on the infected area. Other option is to consume a mix of oil, garlic, vitamin E capsules and coconut oil.

Buy pure organic vinegar preferably of apple. In the bath with hot water pour one cup of vinegar. In this bath soak the affected area for 20 minutes, then gently wipe with a towel.

This herb also has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. Mash a few leaves of calendula, but be sure that the plant is clean and untreated by chemicals. Apply them to the infected area. However, this treatment should be avoided during pregnancy.

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