Linings of baking soda and castor oil which heal even 25 diseases

This natural remedy has many positive effects on the health, and its implementation is limitless. Holistic medicine often recommends the castor oil for treating diseases that are generally resistant to traditional therapies.

The castor oil can cure a number of diseases such as:

1. The allergy disappears if you take five drops of castor oil every morning.
2. The wounds, cuts and bruises heal quickly when you smear them with castor oil.
3. Massaging the stomach with castor oil last two months of pregnancy prevents stretch marks.
4. Ankle injury recovers faster if you wrap it in the lining of the castor oil and leave to stay overnight
5. It was observed a significant reduction in hearing loss by dripping castor oil in the ear
6. The cataracts can be cured with dipping one drop of oil to the eye before to go to bed every night.
7. It’s noticed the disappearance of pilonidal cysts by applying castor oil.
8. The brown spots can be bleached with mixture of castor oil and baking soda
9. You can facilitate the serious ocular allergies by rubbing castor oil into the eyelids before bedtime.
10. Reduce the pain in the lower back by using a castor oil once a week.
11. Facilitate chronic diarrhea by applying linings on the stomach area.
12. Daily application of such linings on the neck for three months you can remove nodules on your vocal cords and chronic hoarseness.
13. There has been a complete disappearance of tinnitus with 6-8 drops of castor oil per day for about four weeks.
14. The hyperactivity can be treated with using castor oil on the stomach.
15. The nipples disappear after a four-week of lubrication of castor oil.
16. The calcium deposits on your feet will disappear with daily massage with castor oil.
17. It’s noticed the disappearance of skin cancer after application of castor oil and baking soda.
18. The snoring stops after two weekly application of a castor oil on the abdomen.
19. The stings of bees quickly heal after applying castor oil.
20. The hair growth can boost by daily massage with castor oil for twenty minutes before shampooing.
21. It is observed the rapid healing of hepatitis by using castor oil.
22. You can eliminate the nail fungus with daily use of lining on the diseased areas.
23. With using the overall lining you can be cured of alcoholism.
24. With regular external application of oil you can remove mole .
25. It was noted improvement of health conditions in the terminal phase of cancer by using a castor oil.

Linings of castor oil
Due to strong action on the circulation the castor oil is often used in compresses. All you need is a cold pressed castor oil, clean gauze, plastic sheeting, a hot water bottle and towel. Before and after the use of the linings you should clean the skin with baking soda solution. With the heated oil soak the gauze and put on a critical place, cover it with foil, then put a hot water bottle, wrap a towel and hold on minimum of an hour. This wrap can be applied 40 days. Before each use, add enough castor oil. Always warm up the linings before use them. When the oil change the color or the smell, create a new lining.

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