Coconut oil for injuries and insect bites

It is found that coconut oil is great for injuries, infections and insect bites. Since long time ago people put the coconut oil to the bite of a mosquito or other insect in order to avoid itching or to not inflame the wound.

Here’s what makes coconut oil good for such things:

Аntimicrobial effect
The coconut oil kills the microbes and bacteria where is the injury or the bruise and thus allows the wound quickly to heal and not to infect.

Coconut oil rejuvenates the skin
It helps the skin to remove the dead cells and gives the skin the moisture that it needs. These factors help in removing the scars of injuries, wounds etc.

Wonders that coconut oil can make to your skin:
– heals cuts and bruises
– fades and removes even the most persistent scars
– the stretch marks disappear by rubbing coconut oil at the site where they appear
– helps in easier recovery of various insect bites with less pain and itching
– it can control the appearance of youthful and warts

How to use coconut oil?
Coconut oil is better to use as a preventative. For example, in athletes, certainly, at some point will appear stretch marks, but if they start early to use the coconut oil, preventively, they will completely avoid this problem.

It is also necessary to keep the coconut oil longer time on the wound to heal it. Because the skin quickly absorbs the coconut oil it is better to use gauze or cloth soaked in coconut oil. You can roll it with a bandage, thus will continue the period on which the wound would be exposed to the effect of the oil and accelerate its healing.

Coconut oil should be regularly used. Sometimes it takes longer to evaporate the mark, that is the reason because of which the treatment requires regular use and great patience.

Note: It is important to use unprocessed coconut oil, because in the processed oil the benefits for your health are becoming weaker or even completely disappear.

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