You should stop breathing with the mouth immediately! Here’s why!

If the mouth is closed, you do not have to worry. But, if is open, and you breathe constantly on the mouth you probably have experienced some symptoms of dry mouth.

May you have not thought much about the habits of breathing. But, if you did not know, the mouth breathing can have some very unpleasant symptoms.

What is mouth breathing?
The mouth breathing occurs for many different reasons in adults and children, and is probably because of the nasal obstruction.
When you breathe normally through your nose, the air you breathe is warmed and humidified before it gets into your lungs. If you’re breathing heavily through the nose, you are forced to breathe the cold, dry air through your mouth.

The mouth breathing can be due to several causes.

– skeletal deformation
– chemotherapy

Signs and side effects of the mouth breathing:
– difficulties while you sleep
– lack of sleep can lead to decreased concentration
– red Inflammation of the gums
– bad breath
– dry and itchy throat
– bleeding gums
– sore throat

Here’s what you should do:
For beginning it is very important to find out why you breathe on the mouth before you correct it. If the cause are large tonsils, then probably you’ll need to remove the tonsils.

The humidifier is also used to facilitate the mouth breathing. If you still are not sure whether you breathe on the mouth go on the dentist. He will tell you the correct information.

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