Natural remedies against the pain in the spine

Pain in the spine can occurs for various reasons such as improper posture, prolonged sitting, taking a wrong position or too much stress. Sometimes is about of lack of physical activity. However, for the most common cause of the pain in the spine is valid herniated disc. Perhaps you have felt pain in the lower back, above the buttocks, but often you ignore that pain? With time this pain becomes stronger. Very often it extends to the legs. All these symptoms indicate to disease called herniated disc. This disease is characterized by extreme pain in the back. Accompanying symptoms are leg pain, weakness in the feet, problems with the the bowel and the urination and also impotency in men. It’s considered that this disease occurs most often in evident tall and thin people, obese and people with deformities in the spinal column. It can also occur in people who for long time sit in the same position or people that deal with martial arts where they can get injuries in the spine. Apart from a herniated disc, pain in the spine can occur due to many more serious diseases such as tumors, infections, and ural rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and gout. It can also be a reason a curved spine or osteoporosis.

Natural Cures

Most problems associated with the spine can be treated without surgery. First of all must be used medication prescribed by a doctor. Also are needed medical exercises and physical therapy, and in many cases, massage can be of great benefit. Despite these methods against pain in the spine there are other natural recipes that can be of great benefit:

Recipe 1 (dried fruit): If bothers you a pain in the spine it is recommended that every night before going to bed to eat 5 dried prunes, 1 dried fig and 1 dried apricot. In fact this fruit contains substances that regenerate the tissues and make them stronger and the vertebrae just return to his place. The combination of the dried fruit is an excellent remedy for the pains in the spine and the whole treatment takes about 1 month to month and a half.

Recipe 2 ( linings of potatoes): If it comes to a herniated disc the linings of potatoes can significantly help you. All you need is to take a potato of medium size and crop it into circles. Put these circles on the sick places on the spine.

Recipe 3 (linings of white garlic): For the herniated disc is also recommended white garlic. Namely it is necessary to fry 10 crushed cloves of garlic. Than put thе lukewarm mixture on the sick places on the spine and leave to stand for about 3 hours. This therapy you should use about 1 month.

Resipe 4 (linings of clay and cabbage): The natural treatment of a herniated disc also includes liners of clay and cabbage. Sounds strange? You may be wondering how to prepare them? Very easy! You need a half kg. clay powder, 3 cabbage leaves, 3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar and 1 liter mineral water. Mix the clay with water to obtain a homogeneous mixture and then add the apple vinegar and let stand a few minutes. Put the mixture on the sore spot cover it with cabbage leaves and wrap with a cloth. Leave the linings for about 12 hours to warm up the sore spot and relieve the pain and inflammation.

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